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MIDWEST LAB EQUIPMENT supplies quality refurbished Cryostats, Microtomes etc. and provide service, repair and PM of such instruments. Our shop is depot refurbishment and service of Cryostats for 25 years. We fix it all – refrigeration, electronics and fine mechanics. Unleash the full potential of your research with Midwest Lab Equipment. We target histology and Mohs dermatology laboratory equipment which are used for frozen section or paraffin sections of tissue.

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Trade-In and Save with Midwest Lab Equipment!

Unlock a special discount on your new lab equipment purchase by trading in your old gear. Midwest Lab Equipment values sustainability and offers a unique opportunity to our clients: bring us your outdated or unused lab equipment and receive a discount on your next order. It’s our way of promoting eco-friendly practices while upgrading your lab’s capabilities. Join our trade-in program today and make your next purchase even more rewarding! Contact us for details and let’s work together.

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Unmatched Quality and Precision

Choose Midwest Lab Equipment for unparalleled quality and precision in laboratory equipment. Our refurbished cryostats, microtomes, and embedding centers are rigorously tested for top performance. Specializing in Leica embedding centers and custom-designed cryostat glass windows, we assure accuracy and reliability in every laboratory procedure.

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Customer-Centric Service and Support

Experience the difference with Midwest Lab Equipment’s customer-centric service. As a family-owned business, we offer personalized support, extending beyond sales to include expert service and repairs. Our responsive team ensures your laboratory operates efficiently, making us a trusted partner in your success.

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Nationwide Reach with a Personal Touch

Midwest Lab Equipment combines national reach with the personal touch of a family business. We serve laboratories across all states, providing on-site services and repairs with reasonable travel rates. Our national presence ensures access to top-quality equipment and service, no matter your location.

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Rigorous Quality Assurance

At Midwest Lab Equipment, quality assurance is paramount. Every product undergoes strict quality control, ensuring reliability and precision. Our commitment to meticulous quality testing guarantees that our equipment consistently delivers high-quality results in your laboratory work.

Benefits from our services

Long-Term Reliability

Our thorough quality assurance procedure guarantees the dependability and longevity of every piece of equipment, eventually lowering maintenance expenses and downtime.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By offering high-quality refurbished equipment, we provide cost-effective alternatives without compromising on performance, making advanced laboratory technology more accessible and budget-friendly.

Partnership Approach

We view our relationship with clients as a partnership, working closely with you to ensure that our services and products contribute significantly to your laboratory's success and advancements in scientific research.

What Our Clients Say

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About Us

Your Partner in Laboratory Excellence

Discover the difference with Midwest Lab Equipment, where we blend family-owned values with professional expertise. Originating from the Midwest and now operating out of Florida, our focus is on providing high-quality refurbished laboratory equipment tailored to meet the dynamic needs of Histology, Mohs Dermatology, and Pathology. Our commitment goes beyond sales, encompassing reliable service and repairs to ensure your laboratory functions at its best, every day.

Specialized Solutions for Histology and Dermatology

Expertise and precision define our specialty at Midwest Lab Equipment. We are renowned for our range of Leica embedding centers, cryostats, and microtomes, designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency in laboratory settings. Our innovative approach includes custom-designed heated glass windows for cryostats, ensuring optimal performance. Catering to laboratories across all states, we promise not just equipment, but a partnership for continuous excellence in your scientific endeavors.

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Star Quality Refurbishment

Guaranteed top-tier quality in every piece of refurbished lab equipment, ensuring your instruments are as good as new.

Nationwide Support

Receive comprehensive support and service across all states, with a team ready to assist wherever your lab is located.

Expert Consultation

Take advantage of personalized expert consultations to select the best equipment solutions for your laboratory’s specific needs.

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