Heated glass for cryostats

Introducing our premium replacement heated glass window, compatible with Leica, Microm, and Avantik cryostats. This product guarantees 100% functionality, ensuring optimal performance. We take pride in our high customer satisfaction rate, reflecting the quality and reliability of our offering. Experience significant savings with this purchase. Buy with confidence and elevate the efficiency of your cryostat equipment.


Price: $690

Heat Extractor assembly

Introducing our efficient heat extractor assembly, suitable for all cryostat models. Engineered for optimal performance and durability, it enhances thermal regulation and stability in temperature-sensitive applications. A crucial upgrade for maintaining high operational standards in your cryostat systems.


Price: $290

Leica Microtome Coarse Feed Micromotor

Introducing Our Premium, Brand New Motor Designed to Perfectly Complement Existing Gear Assemblies for Leica CM1800, CM1850, CM1900, CM1510, and CM1510S Cryostats – Elevate Precision and Reliability to New Heights!


Price: $370

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