Leica CM1950


Leica CM1950 – The cryostat for laboratories with a large number of specimens and varying specimen types

Depending on your specific requirements, the Leica CM1950 cryostat can be ordered with a variety of options. Start with the standard instrument and choose from a range of options to meet your laboratory’s individual needs.

For an efficient workflow, all instruments come with a spacious cryocabinet to facilitate handling of multiple specimens. The cryostat provides sufficient space to organize your tools, freezing media and glass slides.



This instrument seamlessly merges efficiency with organization, boasting a vast freezing stage, tool trays, and accessible storage for streamlined workflows. Its CryoZone system ensures uniform cooling, while LED illumination enhances specimen visibility. The Cryostat’s CE blade holder and ergonomic design assure reproducible section quality, and the CryoZone™ system maintains optimal temperatures. Prepare for precision with recommended cooling times. Adaptable to various labs, the CM1950 Cryostat empowers customization, all within a spacious cryo-cabinet that harmonizes tool organization.

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