Leica EG1150 Embedding Center


The new Leica EG1150 modular tissue embedding center incorporates two separate components, the Leica EG1150 C cold plate and the Leica EG1150 H heated embedding module. The independent modules offer the flexibility to arrange embedding workflow in the direction that best suits your laboratory.

Stepping up your laboratory embedding with the Leica EG1150, ( EG1150H + EG1150C) featuring adjustable height, left/right-handed workflow, and a spacious heated work surface. Achieve optimal comfort and efficiency as the constant temperature cold plate maintains -5°C, accommodating over 70 cassette molds. Enjoy enhanced paraffin melting modes and convenient programmable controls. Discover the ultimate embedding center for precise specimen preparation.

Adjustable embedding center height In addition to the already low, comfortable working position, now you can even adjust the work surface height for optimum ergonomics. Left or right handed workflow The modular system of the Leica EG1150 allows the placement of the cold plate onto either end of the heated embedding module allowing the tech nician to embed in either a right or left handed direction. Rounded arm rests Rounded arm rests provide a comfortable working position free from any hard pressure points on technician’s arms. Tissue cassette and mold warming trays located at the same level No need for excessive arm movements while embedding. Tissue cassettes and molds are kept at the same level providing a comfortable workflow with minimum effort.

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