Leica RM2145 Microtome

Instrument Description


The Leica RM2145 is a semi-motorized rotary microtome designed for a wide range of laboratory applications, including routine histology, histopathology, and industrial quality assurance. It features a semi-motorized mechanism that enhances its suitability for diverse lab settings. The ergonomic design of the RM2145, including Ergomode and a separate control panel, significantly enhances user comfort during operations. It boasts a step motor operated micrometer feed system, providing precise control over section thickness and ensuring consistent section quality. The microtome’s automated coarse specimen advance feature, which is adjustable in three trimming increments, adds to its efficiency, and it can also be operated manually for added flexibility. The user-friendly interface, featuring a clear LED display of section thickness and count, simplifies the monitoring process. Additionally, the RM2145 is equipped with a single-handed quick-release specimen clamping system and programmable specimen retraction, facilitating an efficient workflow. Finally, its design ensures fast and safe specimen orientation with an anti-tilt function and includes a universal knife holder, prioritizing safety and ease of use.

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